Blocks Pest Management in London

Blocks Pest Management in London

We provide comprehensive block Pest management for landlords and state agents/Property Management companies that need to provide a trustable pest control service. We always provides a guarantee.

Block management companies in london can use us to treat and Rodents proof any building in order to protect its residents.

In most cases, the work involved some type of contract covering the communal areas and possibly the flats themselves. Ideally block property management team would have rat bait stations placed within the perimeter of the property or along the outer walls before any complaints would even arise.

In the same line most of the block management agents will have preventive mice control and insect monitoring at basement and servicing areas.

we often advise against placing baits in the hallways. It is unsightly and mouse proofing at hallway and staircase level would be more likely to stop any mice sightings.

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